The Company

Since its foundation in 1990 the Dutch investment company HTP Investments BV (HTP) is constantly seeking for outstanding investment opportunities. HTP focuses on companies in special situations, promising start-ups as well as mature companies with a compelling value/growth preposition. As the owner of these companies, HTP supports the management in restructuring if needed, strategic decision making, attracting new management talent and reorganizing the firm’s financial structure. HTP has a comprehensive and proven track record in various sectors, having successfully completed more than 50 transactions since it was formed. The mostly “old economy” portfolio companies have strong products and have achieved a leading position in their respective markets
The approach pursued by HTP is entrepreneurial in nature. As active shareholders, Wim de Pundert and Klaas Meertens follow a hands-on approach and are directly involved in the business of the portfolio companies. Decisions are not delegated to portfolio managers. HTP’s approach leads to a quick investment decision process, high levels of flexibility and transparent communications to all stakeholders.

HTP acts more like a “family office” than a typical private equity company. HTP only invests the funds of the partners Wim de Pundert and Klaas Meertens. HTP is not subject to any restrictions with regard to the amount invested or the period over which investments are held. Furthermore HTP has no specific expectations in terms of return on investment. HTP expands the activities of its portfolio companies both through organic growth and further acquisitions (buy & build strategy).

HTP is grouped into four clusters: Foundries, Plastics, Caravans and Motor-Caravans as well as Sailing Yachts. The companies owned by HTP are NEUE HALBERG-GUSS GmbH (Foundries), REUM Kunststoff- und Metalltechnik GmbH (Plastics), Knaus Tabbert GmbH and MORELO Reisemobile GmbH (Caravans and Motor-Caravans) and the UK based Oyster Group (Sailing Yachts). With these companies, HTP generates combined sales of approx. €1 billion and employs a total workforce of around 6000.